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'Send A Little Love' represents a brand new chapter in the creative, musical, life journey of Marshall Titus. This is his first song he has written while living in Hamburg via his long time collaborator Keith Stewart in Chicago. The recording and video production are the fruits of his collaboration with Fritz Darjes (from the band Burn Out Sounds) and made in Hamburg Entertainment. 'Send A Little Love' best defines the Marshall Titus brand GLOBALSOUL.

Send a little love my way, send it to me right away ....

Songs can soothe, and heal broken hearts, lift and inspire people to rise to greatness. It is my strong desire at this time, not just as an artist but as a concerned human being, to offer to the world music and songs that will penetrate through the intensity of our current times and experiences and touch that ageless, timeless cord within each of us that recognises peace, compassion, humanity, for self and others.

Written by Marshall Titus / Keith Stewart
Produced by Marshall Titus and Fritz Darjes (2013)

Marshall Titus vocals, guitar
Fritz Darjes keyboards, programing, recording
Marvette Williams background vocals
Mathias Grimm bass
Herb Santos video-director

Marshall Titus •

Photography • John Gress •

Webdesign • Boris Schmakowski •